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APEC Homes is a well-known real estate developer in the Philippines. It aims at providing only topnotch but affordable homes for sale to its real estate market.  It chooses the location very carefully to ensure that each member of the community will finds it easy to access key locations, including hospitals, malls, schools and restaurants.  They also select locations close to public transportation systems available 24 hours so that they can easily get to their location fast and within minutes. The developer also makes sure that the project is accessible from many places in Metro Manila.

Aside from building homes in idyllic community locations,  APEC Homes also see to it that they’re designing and building projects with modern and minimal approach.  The communities they build are known for wide-open spaces for breathability and comfort of the residents as well as with top amenities and style elements to make families feel more at home and live in a comfortable setting.

Mondello Homes is designed with high quality and pleasurable amenities and features.  This residential project has the standard aesthetic and design features that will make your life more enjoyable.  These features are going to improve the quality of life of your family. They are going to help you create more bonding moments with the most precious people in your lives, ensuring that you will be able to create lasting memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

One of the amazing features of the neighborhood is its play court or basketball court.  It is a great feature that promotes the health and wellness of the residents. Those who love playing hoops or simply spend some time playing badminton or volleyball, to name some, don’t need to leave the premises to do so. With your new neighbors and friends, you can play sports or some hoops in the idyllic community anytime you want to. It is one of those design features that the developer did not miss in planning the community. They recognize the importance of sports in uplifting the lives of the community members as well as improving their health.

For children, they will enjoy it at the playground where they can play local outdoor games with neighbors and new friends.  Playing outdoor games will enhance their social and interpersonal skills, something valuable, as they’re growing up and discovering new things. Playing with new friends also improve their self-confidence and decision making skills. Eventually, they will also learn how to deal with diverse personalities that will further also improve their thinking skills. Definitely, APEC Homes succeeds at creating ideal kid-friendly communities like the Mondello Homes.

In the project is also a clubhouse, which is large enough to accommodate a number of people.  This great amenity is able to promote the quality of life of the people and help them nurture good relationships among each other. Events and special occasions, such as anniversaries, weddings and birthdays, can be held in this venue. 

Community gatherings or events are also welcome to this event’s place. In addition to the clubhouse is also the function hall. It is also an event’s venue that can welcome and accommodate residents who want to hold important community gatherings here.  For the security of the residents, there is also the main entrance gate and perimeter fence in the project.

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